Sapphire Lakes has a “Bulk Services” contract with Comcast which provides all 590 of our units with bundled Internet and Video services at a deeply discounted price which is paid monthly through your maintenance fees.  No unit owner should receive a monthly bill unless they have opted to purchase additional services such as a landline, subscription channels, rental movies, etc.

Each unit is entitled to the Comcast X-1 system which includes a modem (router), DVR box and two other X-1 boxes that are synced to the DVR which means that you can record up to 150 hours of programming on any of the three boxes and view the recorded programs on any of the three boxes.  [Note: you may purchase additional boxes for which you would be billed monthly by Comcast.]  The link below will give you more information about the X-1 box and its features and benefits.

Each owner has an account with Comcast in the event that they purchase additional boxes, rent movies or purchase additional channels.  If you have any questions about billing, you should call 1-800-XFINITY and make sure that you explain that you’re a resident of Sapphire Lakes which has a “Bulk Services Contract” with Comcast. On occasion they make a mistake and erroneously bill a unit for their basic internet and/or video services.

Residents should make themselves familiar with the Xfinity app as well as the Xfinity Streaming app, both of which can be obtained from wherever you get your apps and loaded into your i-phone or android phone.  The Xfinity app makes it easy for you to ask them a question or for you to get assistance such as testing the speed of your equipment, manage your billing, find Wi-Fi hotspots, re-start your gateway, or ask the “Xfinity Assistant” a question, which is easier than calling on them on the phone.

The Xfinity Streaming app allows one to view Xfinity programming on other devices, even when you’re in an area that doesn’t have Xfinity service.  Below is a link to the list of compatible devices to be able to use this feature.

Another great feature is the “C” button in the middle of your remote which brings you to the Xfinity “Sports” app where you can program your favorite teams to keep track of when their games or matches are coming up (or just say “Sports App” after pressing the mic button).  Check out the link below for more information on the X1 Sports app.

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