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Sue, Becky, Nancy, Kathleen, Stephanie, Bob & Marie



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What does Blue Zone Mean?

Sapphire Lakes Community

Roughly 20 years ago research, led by National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner, was conducted to identify populations in the world with the greatest longevity. Five areas were identified* and circled in blue on a large world map.  Thereafter those areas were known as Blue Zones. A large number of people in those areas live over the age of 90, and many over 100.

Earlier studies found that 20-30% of longevity is attributable to genetics.  The remaining 70-80%, then, is due to environmental factors.  The next phase of Buettner’s research looked for common environmental factors in Blue Zones that would affect longevity.

Nine Common factors were found.  Those factors are called the Power 9 and include things such as, moving naturally, putting family first, and belonging to a faith-based community.

The ultimate goal of the research described is to educate and inspire communities to become Blue Zones so we will have healthier, more fulfilling, and longer lives.  Specific criteria need to be met before a community may apply for Blue Zone status.

 The entire Sapphire Lakes Blue Zone committee diligently collected information** for over a month and completed our Blue Zone application, which was submitted to the Blue Zone Initiative. Our application was successful and Sapphire Lakes became an official Blue Zone community in 2019.

As a Blue Zone community, Sapphire Lakes offers activities that are tied to Blue Zone goals. A listing of those activities is regularly emailed to our members.

Blue Zone Committee

Sue, Becky, Nancy, Kathleen, Stephanie, Bob & Marie

*Okinowa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), Loma /7 day Adventists in Loma, California

**Listing of social events, land and water sports, physical activities, interviewed residents, photographed requested materials


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