Blue Zone Community

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Master Board approved Sapphire Lakes to become a Blue Zone community!

Sapphire Lakes for the past 25 years was foresighted in providing great walking areas, bike racks, four swimming pools, tennis & pickle ball courts, bocce, card games, social gatherings & much more. We are recognized as a VERY active community. Because we have these ongoing, established activities, incorporating the Blue Zone lifestyle is an easy transition. Blue Zone is an individual choice of eating healthy, being active & social. Sapphire Lakes simply offers everyone the opportunity to participate in expanded activities.
Naples is continually recognized as a happy & healthy place to reside. Sapphire Lakes by being a part of the Blue Zone, will enhance the value of our property. Being an older community with a focus on achieving good health, promotes Sapphire Lakes to the benefit of us all.
A healthier, happier life includes; family support, positivity, being physically, socially & mentally active, a plant based diet & faith. The Blue Zone project equates well being as a way of life. It’s simple living & all it requires is mindfulness.
Nancy Wentzel 

January 17, 2020 – “Cut the Ribbon” 

At 5:00 p.m., at the fountain by the entrance, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to signify Sapphire Lakes as an “official” Blue Zone member.   Wine tasting sampling will take place immediately following at Pool 3.  Please bring your beverage of choice as well as a small light appetizer to share.  Pot Lucks with small groups will be introduced.

Blue Zone is all about choice. Good people, good times, & good health keep our social lives at Sapphire Lakes very special. We welcome you!


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