(Board approved revision January 2019)


  1. When the gates were first installed, each unit was initially entitled to 2 free bar codes and 2 free access cards. New owners will not receive free items unless the initial owners did not pick up all of the free items assigned to that unit.
  2. Once the 2 initial items for each unit are given out, additional items may be purchased at the gatehouse for $20.00 each*** Both bar codes & access cards are warrantied 5 years.

*** No cash or credit card sales – personal check or money order only.

  1. Residents may be asked to show a valid driver’s license or Florida ID, and/or valid vehicle registration in order to obtain entry access items.
  2. All renters will need to be approved by their individual association and Property Management Company in order to acquire gate access items.
  3. All bar codes and access cards will be deleted from the system one week after the lease has expired. (Unless a new lease approval has been received or arrangements have been made with the Property Manager.)
  4. The phone keypad entry system will function no matter if you have a land line, internet, or cell phone, including out of state long distance and Canadian service.
  5. Permanent keypad codes will not be given to any resident.
  6. Unit owners will be responsible to get individual vendors into the property, either by the phone keypad, by a neighbor/condo service, or by temporarily lending an access card to your vendor. The Property Manager is not allowed to let individual visitors or vendors into the property.
  7. The pedestrian walk-in gate will open with a 4 digit code. The code will be changed whenever considered necessary by the Board.  Owners will be notified of any change in the code in their quarterly billing. Owners who rent their units will need to inform their renters of the walk-in gate code.
  8. All bar codes will be applied to the vehicle at the time of registration. Also, all vehicles are required to exhibit a free Sapphire Lakes parking sticker. Seasonal renters can purchase vehicle bar codes and access cards for a cost of $20.00 each.  These will only be valid for the rental period on the approved lease.
  9. Bar codes or swipe cards will not be sent to anyone.
  10. New owners without entry access items, or owners who have lost their cards, can call or E-mail the Property Manager to receive a temporary entry code.
  11. Please notify the Property Manager if you lose an access card or if your vehicle is sold.  Those individual items will be de-activated from the system.
  12. Licensed Realtors who provide a signed listing agreement in Sapphire Lakes can get an 8AM-8PM, 7 day a week code. Realtors may request that the gates be open Sundays 1PM-4PM to accommodate Open Houses. The request must be made by the Thursday preceding the Open House.


No cash or credit card sales – personal check or money order only.


Make Check or Money Order out to: SAPPHIRE LAKES MASTER                  Revised 1 -‘19



                                                                                          Gate Access Information Sheet



  1. Unit owners, relatives, condo watchers, or neighbors will have to let individual unit repair / service personnel into the property.
  2. If residents choose to utilize the keypad/telephone entry system, one phone number must be set up with the Master office. Long distance Cell phone numbers will work in the Keypad System. Through the keypad system, visitors & vendors will be able to call residents one of two ways. Either method will call the designated phone number that has been set up with the office.
  1. Each unit has a 3 digit account number assigned to it. By entering the 3 digit account number into the keypad will forward the call to the designated phone number. You can give your account number out to everyone, as it alone will not open the gate. You must press 999 on your phone after taking the call.
  2. The keypad has a scrolling feature that can be used to find the name of the resident of the unit. Pressing the call button with the arrow next to the resident’s name will forward the call to the designated phone number.
  1. Unit owners can purchase extra access cards for relatives, guests, home watchers & for temporary use of vendors at the gatehouse***.

***No cash or credit card sales – personal check or money order only.

  1. Any personal deliveries such as furniture and appliances are the unit owners/renters responsibility.
  2. U.S. Mail, FedEx, DHL and UPS will all have individual codes.
  3. Sub-association’s property managers will get individual codes.
  4. Sheriff, EMS and Fire Dept. have emergency transponders.
  5. Waste management, Comcast, Embarq, FPL & water meter readers, and Collier County will all get individual codes.
  6. Vendors servicing sub-associations will get individual codes. The Association Presidents will need to inform the Property Manager who the vendors are and the contact person’s information so that a code can be assigned.
  7. Newspapers – NDN, NY Times and USA Today will all get individual codes.
  8. Car transports are the unit owner’s responsibility.
  9. Seasonal renters will be the unit owner’s responsibility.
  10. All Master Association service companies will get individual codes.
  11.  Licensed Realtors will have a restricted 7 day a week code from 8AM-8PM.  For Open Houses, the gates will be open 1PM – 4PM Sundays upon request.






Revised 1 –‘19

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