What are the differences in the responsibilities and jurisdiction of the 15 individual associations and the Master Association?

Sapphire Lakes enjoys a unique property management collaboration. Each individual association employs its own separate property management company as does the Master Association.

Jurisdiction of management is most easily defined thusly:

The individual association board and property management company are responsible for all of buildings in that individual association that contains sleeping quarters. Everything inside or attached to those buildings is not in the Master Association’s jurisdiction.

The Master Association board and their property management company are responsible for everything that is not in or on a building that contains sleeping quarters. I.E. Pool cabanas, carports, detached garages. The landscaping, irrigation, pools, streets, etc. all belong to the Master Association.

So if you live in a condo with a detached garage or carport, the condo is managed by the individual association’s board and management company while the carports or detached garages are the Master Association’s responsibility. If you reside in a villa (duplex) or a coach home (fourplex) all of your buildings are managed by your individual board and property manager.

If you would like further clarification on property management jurisdiction please feel free to call the Master Association’s on-site office. (Gatehouse) 239-353-2465 ///

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