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by Bob Foster,  Master Board President


April 2021

As the 2020 – 2021 winter season comes to an end at Sapphire Lakes, I would like to wish all of our residents who will be migrating northward a safe trip as well as a healthy and safe summer wherever you may be headed. This winter season has been the most unusual one that I have experienced, but we did manage to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic situation successfully and still enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with our friends and neighbors.  I must say that we did miss our Canadian friends this season, and we are anticipating their return to Sapphire Lakes in 2022.

While we were forced to cancel many staple activities that have become expected such as the Picnics, the Chili Fiesta and close contact activities at the Pool Cabanas, the Bocce Committee was able to run a modified Bocce season very successfully and safely, albeit with only 20 teams of four players each and no referees.  I’m extremely pleased that we were able to keep all four pools open and that our residents respected the limit of 15 people at Pool 1 and 20 people at the other three pools and were able to safely use our pools that are so vital to the social scene at Sapphire Lakes.

I congratulate our residents for being very respectful of friends and neighbors while out and about the community, and as a result we only had a handful of Covid cases in our community during the season.  As of this writing we have had a very large number of our residents 60 and over fully vaccinated, and that seems to have made everyone feel better about our situation.  This season I have sent out more mass emails to my contact list of 350+ residents to give updates and/or make announcements that I think our residents would like to receive, particularly with regard to Covid vaccine opportunities. Many of you have expressed to me that the information was very helpful during this stressful time. It was also heart warming to see how many of our residents helped out others who were having problems getting appointments to receive the vaccine.

If you have NOT been receiving any periodic e-mail updates from me about various community issues, please e-mail me at: and I will add you to my list. In closing I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy summer season wherever you may be, and I look forward to seeing you again for a much better winter season in 2021 – 2022.



Bob Foster

Master Board President






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