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by Bob Foster,  Master Board President

January 1, 2019

I would like to welcome back all of our seasonal residents, and wish everyone a happy 2019, as well as another great winter season at Sapphire Lakes.   I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new owners and seasonal renters that are lucky enough to have found Sapphire Lakes. We hope you enjoy your time spent here and that you take advantage of as many of our social activities that you can fit into your social calendar.  Please check Channel 195 on your TV, as well as this newsletter, to see a complete listing of our wide variety of social activities.

As many of our residents have returned from their summer locations they have been impressed by the appearance of the community, especially when compared to how it looked a year ago after Hurricane Irma. The landscapers have worked extremely hard in the off season to get the grounds in great shape. And our Property Manager Karl Forsman, along with our Maintenance Man Roberto Garriga worked diligently on a number of projects on the grounds that you will notice as you travel around the community.  New wind curtains have been installed in the Pool 3 Cabana, the front entrance gates had a major overhaul and have been fully operational since September, Pools 3 & 4 have new liners and the Pool 3 coping and tiles have been repaired and replaced.  Also, the streets within the community were all sealed, and we are hopeful that the $40,000 project to replace and rebuild the irrigation system on Luisa Lane which started in August and has had a number of hiccups along the way will be completed by the time you read this newsletter. As you walk around the community you will notice that a number of replacement trees have been planted, and many new flower beds have been created by the landscapers.

You may have noticed the progress of the new construction adjacent to our property that will be known as The Pineapple House at Sapphire Lakes.  This assisted living facility is slated to be completed by mid-summer of 2019, and thus far they have been very communicative with us about their plans and have given every indication that they intend to be good neighbors.  We are anxious to see how they complete their property with the landscaping that will border Sapphire Lakes.

In closing, I wish you all a safe and happy 2019, as well as a terrific winter season in our beautiful community!

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            EFFECTIVE  SEPTEMBER  6, 2016


  • The new 10 year contract with Comcast was counter signed  by Comcast on Sept. 6, 2016 and they have pledged to begin installing the new Fiber Optics lines during the first week of December.
  • Comcast will install fiber optics to each unit (ONU) replacing the old coaxial wire.
  • Comcast will provide each of our 590 units with HD Video service (HD Digital Starter with 70 HD Channels) and 3 pieces of video equipment:  X1 DVR, an X1 companion box,  and 1 HD-DTA, thus giving each unit “whole home DVR” capability.
  • The 10 year contract will bundle the Comcast “Blast” Internet service which currently has a speed of 100 mgs. (we were receiving 25 mgs.) and through the life of the contract as the “blast” speed in Southwest FL increases, we will receive that optimum speed. Currently Comcast in the Northeast U.S. is 150 mgs.   Comcast will also provide each unit with a Gateway modem with a wireless router.  This same modem can be used by the unit owner if they want to purchase telephone service from Comcast.
  • COST:  $69.76 (including all taxes and fees). The 4 pieces of equipment are being offered to us at less than half the retail cost.  And there won’t be any $10 “Technology Fee” that our unit owners currently pay on their individual Comcast bills if they have DVRs and/or HD boxes.
  • Comcast has offered to terminate our current contract and start the new contract as soon as the new fiber optics are installed and up and running.
  • Comcast will provide us with complimentary WiFi at the 4 pools and the Gate House, as well as the Recreation Area. Note:  currently we are paying $6000 per year for WiFi at the pools and the Gate House.
  • Customer Service: since June 2015 all calls from Sapphire Lakes have been directed to the Call Center in Fort Meyers, and since October we have been assigned our own CAR  (Customer Assistance Representative) who can intervene to help solve customer service issues.  Property Manager Karl Forsman has successfully used his services on a number of occasions.
  • Telephone service available for $20 / month. (Can be put on seasonal for $5 /month.)
  • Additional boxes or DTA’s can be leased by unit owners
  • Annual increase limited to 4% (but the Broadcast Fee stays constant). Note:  the previous contract allowed for a 5% annual increase.

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